Armadillo Removal

Are you seeing holes in your yard? Sometimes you will see an armadillo. But, you Armadillo Trapping and Removalcan tell you have an armadillo because of holes appearing in your yard. And you want to get rid of armadillos. They dig large, “coffee can” sized holes, known as rooting, which are generally where they will live. The holes are actually burrows and they inter-connect underground. This is what makes armadillo removal on your own so very difficult.

Your natural instinct would be to plug up or cover the holes. But they will simply dig to another part of your yard. You’ll actually end up making the problem worse.

Trapping and Removing Armadillos

Trapping and removing them from your yard is the only solution for removing them. Armadillo removal and prevention is a three step process. First, we come and do an evaluation to determine the scale of your armadillo problem. Then we set live traps. Once we catch them we humanely remove them to a wild area away from your home. Last we set up prevention.

We seal the den once all the trapping is finished and they have been removed in a proper cage. Our technicians are experts at armadillo removal. We will evaluate your problem, locate the burrows, live-trap and remove them and then help to clean up the mess and odor they leave behind. Our services address all aspects of armadillo problems, from odor to bio-hazards, and will leave your property safe for you and your family.

Can I Remove an Armadillo Myself?

Armadillo repellent and deterrents are useless, we’ve had costumers call and tell us they’ve been using moth balls and they keep finding them laying outside of the den, the problem can only be solved by trapping and removal. Covering the holes will make it difficult to find where they are. And typically, your only causing more damage because they simply burrow more holes in other areas of your yard. Removing them is the only effective means to truly keep them from further damaging your yard or home.Armadillo Holes in my yard

Armadillo Removal Services

Critter Control Solutions offers comprehensive services to remove a nuisance armadillos from your yard and keep them out. In addition, we offer humane trapping services for customers experiencing problems with any wild animal on their property.