Bat Removal

Florida ACM uses extreme care in the bat removal and relocation of bats from your home and repairs the entry points to avoid future problems.

Bats are most notably characterized by the smell of their droppings (Guano). They fit in extremely tight spaces, and spend the day within this area. They leave the area soon after sunset to begin their nightly foraging. You will see Guano on the exterior of the building, usually at their entry point, be able to smell it from a distance, and in most cases the customer or a neighbor will have seen them exiting the building. They form large colonies when they take up residence. Bats are associated with disease that affects people. Rabies is a dangerous and fatal disease if left untreated, but only a small percentage of bats tested in Central Florida have been infected with this virus. However, if you find a bat in your home and that bat has had the potential to come in contact with any pet or person in the home, the bat should be tested for rabies. If the bat is dead, it should be refrigerated (not frozen) and your local health department should be contacted. Histoplasmosis fungus is contained in the bat droppings. It can affect humans if inhaled in a confined area like an attic. Bats are very beneficial to the ecosystem, eating thousands of insects per night. Learn more about our friends the bats at the Florida Bat Conservancy.