Rat Removal

Eliminate disease with four feet and a tail!
Rats are typically indicated by noises being heard at night and scratching in the customer’s attic. They leave small droppings, and dig longer tunnels in insulation.

We offer effective rat removal to eliminate your rat problem.
Rats can be a serious problem in Central Florida. Homes around marsh land and water tend to have the highest percentages of rat infestations. And in Central Florida, with its vast amount of creeks and ponds, most homes have some exposure to water. Rats can carry external parasites such as fleas, flies, maggots, ticks, and mites. Viruses, such as Hepatitis E, are not uncommon. While most homeowners will not come in contact with rats in their home, it’s for sure that the food stored in the family pantry will. How do you know if you have rats in your house? Mostly, rats will be heard at night above the ceiling and sometimes in the walls. Rats will chew wires and water lines, risking fire and flood damage. They will eat and drink from pet bowls spreading diseases to the family pet. Rats will urinate and defecate on kitchen counters and food prep areas. An average litter is 6-12, gestation is 22-24 days and new rats reach reproductive maturity at about 3 months.

FACT: A healthy pair of rats can produce four generations and over 2000 descendants in a year.